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*****  6/18/2012

I got married on 6/15/2012 and I could not be happier with the way our wedding cupcakes and cakes turned out.  My sister introduced me to Cheryl and I am so thankful.  From the day I contact her, she has been more than accommodating with my wishes (demands) for my cupcakes and cakes for the wedding.  Like most brides, I wasn't exactly sure how I wanted the cupcakes and cakes to look but Cheryl guided me through it very patiently.  She sent me photos and described how she can decorate cupcakes and cakes to meet my expectations.  I am so thankful Cheryl responded to my never-ending emails and was accommodating to all the changes I made leading up to the big event in my life.  

To be honest, I was a little hesitant to sign on with someone who is new to the business.  I am so glad I trusted my sister and my taste buds (samples were amazing!).  She blew me away with her decorations and presentation of cupcakes and cakes.  Red velvet cake/cupcakes with chocolate chip was so tasty!!  My guests were pleasantly surprised with the moisture of the cupcakes and those hidden chocolate chips!!  They all thought it was delicious!!  Yay!

Oh, not to forget... Cheryl drove 2 hours in traffic on a Friday to deliver my cakes.  She is amazing.  Thanks Brown Eyed Cupcake Maker!!  I will post photos once I receive them from my photographer!      - Jen L., Chicago


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